Let’s connect the [marketing] dots

I help organizations of all sizes, from start-ups to global brands, get measurable results from their marketing efforts by connecting the dots between their problems, goals, plans, people and practices with marketing strategy. Together, we’ll turn your marketing department from a cost centre to a profit centre.

Choose your own
[marketing] adventure

I’ve been to the top of the marketing mountain many times before. I can help you train for the journey, plan the route, keep costs down, avoid pitfalls and rally the team so you can reach the summit and enjoy the view. Hire me as your travel agent. Or invite me along as part of the team.

Sign up for an à la carte package. Or mix ‘n’ match adventures for a made-for-you experience. No matter how we travel together, I’ll make sure next time you can make the trek yourself.


“Are we on the right path?”
C-level expertise for as little as 5 hours a month

If you’re looking for confirmation, clarity, advice, recommendations, a second opinion, or for someone to show you how, this adventure is for you. I’m a teacher at heart, and I love sharing what I know so others can excel. Bring me in to advise on a time-limited project, help solve a messy problem, conduct regular reviews, or offer impromptu answers.

  • hiring support
  • document reviews
  • team training
  • individual skill development
  • integrating sales and marketing
  • evaluations and audits
  • change management


“Can you do it for us?”
Expert execution when you need it done yesterday

If you don’t have the time or team to implement your marketing plan yourself and don’t want the financial and emotional commitment of working with an agency, this adventure is for you. Depending on the scope of the project, I can do the work myself or assemble a crackerjack team of subject matter experts from my extensive network of partners. No overhead. No ongoing commitment. Just the right people assembled to get you results.

  • branding
  • SEO
  • website development
  • content marketing
  • digital advertising
  • email campaigns
  • lead nurturing
  • analytics and reporting


“Can you map our route?”
A plan in your hand in 2 to 4 weeks

A lizoke marketing strategy starts with the end in mind. What do you want to achieve? And how can we measure success? Choices abound, but resources inevitably are limited. I help you decide where to invest for the best results. Every strategy includes a schedule, so you know what needs to happen when. With your plan in hand, you can decide if you want to do the work yourself or hire us instead. Perfect for product launches, marketing campaigns and 1, 2 and 5-year plans.

  • business goals
  • SWOT analysis
  • competitive analysis
  • website audit
  • audience personas
  • customer journeys
  • technology selection
  • website strategy
  • content calendars
  • social media strategy
  • digital advertising strategy
  • offline marketing strategies
  • reporting recommendations
  • training recommendations
  • setting priorities
  • budgeting


“Can you join our team?”
A part-time senior employee without the ongoing cost

Your organization needs a senior digital marketing professional, but it’s not the right time to hire. When you sign up for this adventure, it’s like getting a consultant on the inside—someone who looks like an employee, complete with company email address and job title, with the perspective of an external expert. My goal is to help your team grow and succeed. I’ll know my job is done when you don’t need me anymore, either because I’ve mentored one of your employees to take on my role or I’ve helped you hire a permanent replacement for me.

  • change management
  • mentoring
  • knowledge transfer
  • strategy
  • business development
  • project management
  • team leadership
  • program execution

Meet Liz

My resumé will tell you I founded lizoke Inc. in 2009, after years in marketing management, graphic design and marketing operations. I have a fine arts degree, certificates in design, marketing, and UX, and hold the Chartered Marketer (CM) designation. I also teach marketing at the University of Toronto and the Canadian Marketing Association.

What really matters, though, is who I am in person, not on paper. When you work with me, you get a hard-working and dedicated professional who sees the big picture, looks for the teachable moment and doesn’t shy away from hard conversations. I’m friendly, efficient, creative and obsessively organized. I will build your marketing strategy with you. I love uncovering the hidden problem and building bridges. And I’m happiest when I see others succeed.

Case studies


Global education provider gets schooled in marketing

What started as a simple lead generation campaign at a Toronto language school became an exciting renewal of the sales and marketing teams and, ultimately, its reinvention as a new private career college.


National firm’s digital revolution started with LinkedIn

Training 1000 employees at a national professional services firm to use LinkedIn sparked a digital revolution within the organization, complete with strategy, tools, metrics and the hiring of a new digital marketing specialist.


Digital agency gets its mojo back By putting outside expertise on its senior team, an ambitious digital agency was able to quickly update employee skills, stabilize cash flow, develop better client processes and reimagine itself as a digital transformation agency.

What people say about Liz