Adding New Connections on LinkedIn That I Have Never Met

I’ve noticed more and more lately that I am getting requests to connect on LinkedIn with people that I don’t know, and there isn’t a context provided on why they are connecting with me. Sometimes I add people I have never met on LinkedIn, but I provide context to them. When I add people I […]


Taking social media to a whole new level – quick tips

Mia Pearson from North Strategic wrote a great article in the Globe and Mail about the further evolution of social media for business. Most businesses have adopted some form of social media, have a link to their channels from their websites, have a feed, and allow readers to share pages on social media… but Mia […]


Is Facebook good for business? Hell yes!

In 2010, something interesting happened with Facebook, it surpassed Google as the most visited website in the U.S. People are on Facebook longer and more frequently than Google. This shows a few things:

People are using Facebook as an information source
Users are connecting more for advice and feedback from their “friends” rather than a search engine
Facebook is becoming the new catch-all for people – a one-stop place to connect socially, through business networking, marketplace, and as an information/opinion source
If you have a tight advertising budget, Facebook may be a better bet to engage a larger audience than Google


How I will be measuring social media in 2011

I will be measuring effect in my company’s social media efforts in 2011. I will be paying attention to the quality of conversations, not the quantity of followers. I will listen to my fellow social media compadres, not talk at them.

What about you?