About us

We are a marketing consultancy that delivers what you need, how you need it. That may mean training, strategic planning, set up, ongoing support, and more.

We are Toronto-based and work with clients all over the world. We work with start-ups, SMBs, and enterprise-level companies.

Liz Oke


I am a marketing strategist on successful marketing projects for organizations in Food Services, Education, Insurance, Corporate Law, Consulting, Real Estate, Financial Services, E-commerce and more. I foster positive change as a marketing strategist and design custom training programs. My passion, drive and creative vision have helped build profitable companies and organizations, propelling them to the next level.

I love what I do, and work with teams to develop effective follow-through plans and transform marketing departments from a cost centre, into a revenue centre. I draw clarity on the value of what a product or service will have on a company’s intended audience and develop a strategy and and execute a tactical plan to bring in revenue.

I draw on an impressive portfolio of marketing operations knowledge including digital marketing, data-driven recommendations, content marketing, SEO, social media, UX/usability, conversion mapping, customer journeys, website rebuilds and content marketing.

I teach Marketing Strategy at the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies and am a Lead Course developer for the Canadian Marketing Association (CMA).

I also have the Chartered Marketer (CM) designation from the CMA, a designation which acknowledges marketing excellence in Canada.

Industry Partners

Remote workforce with no overhead

The beautiful thing about how we work with you, is that we can scale up or down, depending on your need. We have a roster of dedicated industry professionals that we trust to get the job done right for you, whatever your need is.

Depending on the needs of the proejct, we have developers, marketing specialists, copywriters, designers, SEO experts, digital marketing advertisers, and more, to get your marketing and sales off the ground.

Connecting the [marketing] Dots

“An outsider makes change easier.”

Most of my clients come to me knowing something isn’t working, but they struggle to give their challenges a name. They need a neutral third party to uncover the true problem, make innovative (and sometimes initially unpopular) suggestions and provide on-the-ground support that gets results.

The small investment my clients make in an external advisor provides momentum for growth and justification for the change. They get a reassuring ally and senior team member who moves the business forward by both seeing the big picture and sweating the small stuff.