What is PII and Why You Should Know

PII is Personal Identifiable Information – it is any information that can be used to identify someone. Information such as: Name SIN Date and place of birth Medical records Education records Financial information Employment information Telephone number Username and Password Credit Card The concept of PII has been around forever, but it has become very important […]


Teaching the Marketing Team about Digital

Some organizations are shifting slowly inserting digital into their marketing plans. There are different reasons why companies are not adapting – mainly they don’t have the urgency as they are bringing in enough business without it right now. This will eventually change, and most smart, proactive businesses are aware that change is coming. It is […]


>> Why I love wordpress

I recently converted my website into a custom WordPress template. Thanks to Tim Whitacre and Argyll Studios – they basically took my existing design (and functionality I wanted to keep) and converted it into WordPress. I have the blogging end here and I also have two pages that are static that I can change easily and at any time on my own. I can add more pages if i feel the need, and it is easy and seamless to do this.

Read more about my top plugins (aka Kryptonite) for WordPress….