Career Disruption: Why I Did It

I recently changed jobs – I went from being a digital marketing generalist to a digital analyst.


I would be learning a lot of new things. It is sort of like starting over. It may sound scary to some people, but I embrace it. I want to stay current in my career, I want to be challenged and I want to expand my knowledge base. I disrupted my career.

Career disruption is defined as changing your path, learning something new and applying your ideas and past knowledge to create more innovation in your job, and on a personal level.

The days of being at a company for a long period of time is becoming less and less of a reality for most people. I see my career going more and more into a project-based one, where I work with companies for a short period of time, help them with a large project, and then move on to the next assignment. This is not for everyone, but it works for me. Some people still think that you are seen as a “jumper” (short stints at companies, 1-2 years move jobs), and seem flighty or unsatisfied and therefore not a good hire. This is a pretty old-school way of thinking – in the next few years, we will see more people (especially younger generations) move around, go sideways, try something that is out of their knowledge base like I am.

Career disruption is here, it is exciting and completely doable.