Teaching the Marketing Team about Digital

Some organizations are shifting slowly inserting digital into their marketing plans. There are different reasons why companies are not adapting – mainly they don’t have the urgency as they are bringing in enough business without it right now. This will eventually change, and most smart, proactive businesses are aware that change is coming.

It is not just about making changes to the website anymore, it is about getting your target market interested, and getting them to contact you to find out more. For companies that are still considering what sort of digital marketing will work for them, it would make sense at the same time to educate your marketing team about what capabilities that digital marketing has on business.

Top reasons knowing digital is valuable:

  1. It is mainstream knowledge: every marketer should know its capabilities and the value of it for their company/industry.
  2. Stay ahead of your competitors: staying on top of the ever-changing digital landscape is valuable in adopting new concepts that your competitors are not doing
  3. Career advancement: for you and your team
  4. Once the basics are down, it is easy to learn more and figure out what area of digital interests you

If you haven’t learned enough about digital, and don’t know where to start, here are some ways to start:

  • Have your digital marketing staff, a consultant or IT do a quick overview of different topics pertaining to digital marketing to the rest of the team.
  • Read How to Speak Tech by Vinay Trivedi
  • Learn the capabilities of different web programming languages
  • Basic understanding of your CMS system, how the front-end and back-end works, how databases work
  • Follow Matt Cutts and the Google Analytics blog.
  • Consider taking a continuing education course on digital marketing (in-class) or check out’s online programs